Privacy Policy

This will doubtless be the least read page on the website, but due to obligations of which you are now massively bored of and have been clogging up your inboxes, we are required to write and publish this on our website. Unsurprisingly we have very little information on you other than that necessary to process and send out your order, we don’t share it with anyone and we only keep stuff as long as we need to.

However if you’d like to see the heavily summarised version and many hours of work (where we earned no money) to confirm all this, complete with links to a whole load of other privacy policies from the third parties we use, read on…


Currently the shop is hosted on Etsy. To process your orders through Etsy we receive your order details, name, address and (currently) email address, and sometimes the name and delivery address of someone else if you are ordering it to be sent elsewhere. We primarily contact you through Etsy, but very occasionally will try to reach you via email if we need to get in touch with you and you have not responded via Etsy.

Once the order has gone we still have access to your order via Etsy, but the only time we’re going to even look at it again is if something goes wrong with the order. We have a more specific Etsy privacy policy within our Etsy shop. If you’re really keen you can read Etsy’s own privacy policy here:



If you have contacted us directly we have your name and email address. If you’ve place an order, we then have your address for delivery, and if different, your address for invoicing. If you provide us with it, we may have your phone number too. We’ll use these to contact you about your order, and whilst we’d love you to order from us again we won’t be using any of this information to bug you in the future unless you say it is OK. Some of you, we meet in the pub and know what you drink, we retain this information (mentally) so we know what to buy you the next time it is our round. We retain invoices and the details on them as required by law for seven years.



Some of you pay for products using PayPal. From this we get your name and address that we use to send our your order. PayPal processes the payment part, here is their privacy policy:



If you have made a purchase form us at a market we use the payment device iZettle. If you make a purchase using cash, we record no personal information about you, other than possibly remembering you in the future, but personal memories are not covered by legislation. Yet. If you have made a purchase using a credit or debit card iZettle will process the transaction. If you have requested a receipt, iZettle will retain your email or phone number, which it only uses to identify you as a repeat customer should you buy from us again. We do not have access to this information, but (again) if you are really keen you can read iZettle’s privacy policy here:


Delivery Services

To send you your order we may share your personal information with various couriers and the Royal Mail when we use their online systems. If we don’t, you’re not getting your order. Which service we use depends upon the size and weight of your parcel, where it’s going and when it’s required – and also changes in prices. The information we share is your name and address, and occasionally your telephone number if so provided.


Mailing List

Yes we have one, we have just never used it! If you have signed up to this you will have done so via a double opt-in process – i.e. you will have provided your email address to sign up to it and the service we use (MailChimp) will have sent you a link to click on to confirm you wish to join the list. You can unsubscribe at any point via the initial email you are sent and if we ever get round to sending anything from it, via the link that will appear at the bottom of each message. And if that’s still not enough, you can contact us directly and we will manually remove you. Once again, here a link to a privacy policy you’re almost certainly not going to read either from MailChimp:



Anyone still reading? By this point you will probably be sick to death of endless cookie pop-ups appearing across the web – we very much share your frustration. However, the website uses cookies to enable us to administer and run the site, not to record any information on you using the site. This may change as the website changes, at which point we’ll update this privacy policy.

Whilst this is in no way a recommendation, you may be interested to know such things as plugins exist for your browser to block these cookie pop ups. If you think this may be of interest, Google is your friend here.

Access to your personal information

So, as you can see, we really do have very little personal information about you. But you do have the right to see quite how little we have by requesting your info by getting in touch.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is under regular review. The most up to date version will be posted here in this website. And you won’t read that either.

Despite the somewhat glib appearance of this policy, we very much take the privacy and security of any personal information very seriously and have spent a considerable amount of time identifying the different information we have, the ways we store it, our security and the third parties we use to process your information and will continue to do so. Our business depends on it.

24 May 2018